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10 / 10JavaScript

My primary language of choice for either frontend or backend. By JavaScript, I obviously mean TypeScript. I have experience with Node.js and many frameworks, including Vue (+ Nuxt.js, with which this website is built), React (+ Next.js), jQuery (good old days), AdonisJS, Nest.js and many more.

icon for skill CSS
7 / 10CSS

From implementing website designs from scratch and using different CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma, Semantic UI, ...) and utility libraries, I've tried almost everything. I also love having either SCSS or Less as the preprocessors, since they reduce the codebase by a lot.

icon for skill Go
3 / 10Go

Lately, I've been getting into Go. Mainly due to its amazing performance, but also due to the clean and opinionated design. I use it to make some simple scripts and smaller APIs for my hobby projects.

icon for skill Java
5 / 10Java

I have some university grade Java knowledge. I have used some web frameworks in unison with other Node.js servers in Kubernetes clusters. They used etcd servers to discover eachother, had health checks, autoscaled, etc.

icon for skill PHP
6 / 10PHP

Since recently picking up Laravel at work, I think that PHP is not going away for at least a few more years. I have also made web store and CMS software from scratch using pure PHP.

icon for skill Python
8 / 10Python

For all the backend work that includes computation (computer vision, data science, neural network stuff and other research oriented projects), I almost exclusively use Python.

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